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Our Story

Our Founder

Radcliffe Nursing Service was founded by Radcliffe McCallum. Radcliffe has been in the home healthcare industry for over 20 years. He worked as a care provider for over 10 years, caring for the elderly and forming some very close relationships with those he cared for and their families. He was later offered a position working in office with a home care company, where he fell in love with a different side of the business. It was so rewarding to him to be able match the right care providers with clients.


He had a passion for ensuring that some of our nation's most delicate individuals are properly taken care of. From his years of experience working in the field and in office he understood that with proper care, encouragement, the right care plan and care provider, that clients can live a better quality of life.


Radcliffe decided to start Radcliffe Nursing Service based on his philosophy and decided that he would only refer care providers that are highly trained and have a passion for what they do.

An Idea Was Born - 

Quality Care for a Better 


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